Cuban authorities assess development of natural medicines

Cuban authorities assess development of natural medicines
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27 December 2022
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 Rebel Army Commander Jose Ramon Machado Ventura made a working visit today to the Center for Research and Development of Medicines ( CIDEM) to follow up on the introduction of natural products.

On Twitter, the scientific institution reported that the Commander focused his attention on topics such as medicinal plants under study, pharmaceutical forms and productive chains.

Belonging to the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries Business Group (Biocubafarma), CIDEM is dedicated to the research and development of generic drugs, natural products, advanced technologies and diagnostic means.

This Center has developed important pharmaceutical products based on its own technologies, which integrate the country's therapeutic potential.

 Its portfolio of drugs of natural origin includes several products that are sold with great acceptance in the national market, such as aloe and oregano syrups, propolis tincture, dermogenerator creams and calendula in suspension.

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