Cuban Argentine entities promote the development of social economy

Cuban Argentine entities promote the development of social economy
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29 March 2023
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Cuba and Argentina are advancing in the strengthening of bilateral relations through the exchange of knowledge and experiences on mutual and cooperative tools for the development of a social economy.

During an event at the Cuban embassy in Buenos Aires, the vice president of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), Ramon Labañino, and the vice president of the Institute for Mutual Economic Assistance (IAEM) of Argentina, Fernando Whpei, signed a cooperation agreement, whose purpose is to strengthen existing ties and advance joint initiatives.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Whpei highlighted the importance of the agreement, through which Cuba will be able to learn about methodology, operation and benefits of mutual associations, entities formed by a group of people with the objective of providing services and reciprocal aid in the face of eventual risks.

“We visited Cuba on several occasions. We agreed with the ANEC to exchange knowledge, and we hope to set up our branch in Santiago de Cuba or Havana within a few months. This will allow us to provide tools so that institutions like ours can be created there, which has given us very good results.” Whpei said.

The official considered that the conditions and interest for the development of this type of initiative exist in Cuba and assured that he will visit the country soon to continue strengthening ties with ANEC.

In turn, Labañino assured Prensa Latina that the signed agreement will bring closer the two peoples and their institutions, carry out professional training, share ways of doing things, strengthen the Cuban cooperative movement and learn from the Argentine experience.

And according to Labañino this will help to outline new work strategies for the formulation of Cuban economic policy. “We are updating our model, and cooperatives have an important space. The IAEM is ready to show us how to take advantage of mutual work,” he said.

Since its creation in 1994, the IAEM has offered cooperatives the possibility of organizing themselves and receiving advice and training so as to achieve a more orderly, efficient and effective service.


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