Cuba: Young professor of the University of Havana gives details on what happened at Trillo Park

Cuba: Young professor of the University of Havana gives details on what happened at Trillo Park
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1 December 2020
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At the end of the gathering among young people Sunday afternoon, November 29th, at Trillo Park, Cayo Hueso, Havana, Armando Amorós Rodríguez, professor at the University of Havana’s Economics School, answered several questions that may lead us to understand this event, its context and projections.

Why are you here at Trillo Park this Sunday?

Honestly, Cuba, the Revolution and the rebellious spirit young people have, which help us to be united. We are here working hard to build a national project. We are here advocating for a project of life. The word “young” has been written in more than 60 years of struggle. We are the energy that gives life to the present and future of our nation.

We are not leaving with a sense of confrontation. On the contrary, we leave with a sense of continuity and diversity. We have been able to acknowledge, throughout the years, that unity is also made up of diversity. The fact that we have different opinions does not mean we are divided. We came here with different viewpoints, but we leave united. We embrace the principle: with all, for the good of all.

How can this youth demonstration be regarded within the course of events of recent days?

Our attendance is actually spontaneous, heartfelt. We are here to show our feelings. I feel identified, totally represented as I am surrounded by a group of people who defend the creative, diverse, alternative sense, aimed at achieve a much more comprehensive society. Not committed to destroy 60 years of work, but with this sense of creation, contribution, upgrading the nation…

Some people in social networks said those in attendance here were only moved by slogans and would come here to repeat empty phrases. What is your view?

I was excited when several people, who see life in different perspective, started spontaneously to harmonize criteria to express in a coherent, peaceful, humane way their feelings towards the nation. I feel natural, normal, happy, without being harassed to do something, without any order given by any political party. I am here because I want, as many others.

It may be the case that some people, whose criteria coincide with that of young people attending here, have decided not to come. What would you say to them?

Everyone's battle takes place there where you might contribute to improve our society; and you may contribute with your thought, your criteria…

60 years after the emergence of a process —sometimes regarded as long-stalled— Do you still trust in the transforming will of the revolutionary Cuban youth?

Totally. From my experience as a professor and after sharing time with several generations of students, I have observed some new criteria, very creative actually, diverse, which are well aware of our struggle over the years. It is a new trend of thought that embrace its past and is willing to create.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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