Cuba should not be complacent as COVID-19 cases decline, expert asserts

Cuba should not be complacent as COVID-19 cases decline, expert asserts
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11 April 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 11 (ACN) Although Cuba shows a reduction in the number of positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, we should not be confident, warned today Francisco Duran, national director of epidemiology of the ministry of public health.

At the usual Monday press conference on the behavior of the current pandemic, the specialist pointed out that there is a high level of contagiousness in the country, accompanied by a decrease in the number of serious, critical and dead patients, as a consequence of the characteristics of the circulating variants of the virus, in which the severity of the clinical picture decreases.

Undoubtedly, the effect of the vaccines has helped to keep the disease under control, although the population needs to be followed up with the correct use of the mask and the compliance of the oriented measures, he added.

In the most recent week (up to April 9), 74,806 samples were analyzed in the country for the study of the disease and 4,290 were positive for coronavirus, 1,074 less than the previous week.

For two weeks in a row, the number of autochthonous cases has decreased; the nation reported 4,250 cases (1,054 less than the previous one).

Regarding pediatric cases, Dr. Duran insisted on the need to protect minors and warned about the sequelae of the disease in these patients.

He indicated that in the most recent week, 1,341 cases were registered (192 cases per day), which shows a decrease of 198 cases compared to the previous week.

Concerning the omicron variant, the expert referred that there are 318 confirmed cases of this variant in the country. During the week, 48 cases were diagnosed (45 Cubans and three foreigners).

To date, and since March 2020, Cuba has accumulated 1,097,333 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2, 8,519 deaths due to COVID-19 and 1,086,866 patients have recovered, a figure that represents 99 % of the infections.

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