Cuba ratifies commitment to the environment

Cuba ratifies commitment to the environment
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5 June 2023
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President Miguel Díaz-Canel ratified on Monday, World Environment Day, Cuba's commitment fro the preservation of the human beings on the planet and the country's natural resources.

On his Twitter account, Díaz-Canel emphasized that the Cuban State will continue to promote a healthy and balanced environment based on the sustainable development of this nation.

Other Cuban Government and political leaders also recalled Fidel Castro’s visionary thinking on the urgency of preserving the planetary ecosystem.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero brought up a fragment of a speech delivered by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro on June 12, 1992.

“Adopt a just international economic order. Use science to achieve sustainable development without pollution. Pay the ecological debt. Eradicate hunger and not humanity,” Marrero wrote on Twitter.

Roberto Morales, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC), posted on Twitter an excerpt from Fidel Castro’s speech at the First Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, held in Barbados on May 5, 1994.

“It is not only our cultural and human values. It is our own lives, our existence as nations. We are not to be blamed; others have colonized and exploited us. Consumer societies have destroyed the environment,” Morales tweeted.

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