Cuba denounces US defamations in its report on human rights

Cuba denounces US defamations in its report on human rights
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21 March 2023
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today denounced as unacceptable the slanders against his country in the U.S. government's Human Rights 2022 report.

He added in his Twitter account that with the shameful record of violations and abuses to its own citizens, the northern nation should refrain from stigmatizing others.

‘It tries in vain to mask its interventionist and interfering behavior,’ the island’s foreign minister added.

The U.S. report alludes that in ‘Cuba the courts have handed down draconian prison sentences to hundreds of people for protesting for their rights’.

Paradoxically, however, the 2022 United Nations report on this matter explains that the United States continues to fail to meet its human rights commitments, especially in the area of racial justice, and this is reflected in the country’s inability to end the systemic racism linked to the legacies of slavery.

The U.S. also continues to record the highest criminal imprisonment rates in the world, with nearly two million people held in state and federal jails and prisons on any given day.

Half of US police departments refuse to report use of force, making non-governmental data collection and analysis necessary. Only In 2022, US police killed more than 400 persons. Based on a per capita basis, it kills three times more black people than white.

In addition, many children continue to be incarcerated each year, with more than 240 000 cases of detention documented in 2019, according to a Sentencing Project report.

A joint report by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union documents how, in the US, child welfare systems there often respond to poverty conditions with punishment, charging families with neglect and separating children from their parents rather than providing support to help them keep their families together.

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