China denounces EU's pretext for anti-dumping practices

China denounces EU's pretext for anti-dumping practices
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12 April 2024
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China strongly opposes the European Commission's subjective, one-sided and erroneous assessment of China's socialist market economy to create an excuse for its discriminatory anti-dumping practices, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday.

The ministry's comments came after the European Commission on Wednesday published an updated report on the so-called "significant state-induced distortions" in the Chinese economy.

The head of the trade remedy investigation bureau at the ministry has lodged serious representations to the European Commission, said the ministry.

There is not only one model of market economy, and it is closely related to the history, culture and actual national conditions of each country, the ministry said.

It is seriously wrong for the European Commission to evaluate China's market economy based on the so-called "market distortion" criteria set by itself unilaterally, the ministry said, noting that such moves have seriously infringed the authority of the WTO rules system.

As an important member of the WTO, the European Commission should respect and uphold the authority of the multilateral trading system and immediately stop wrongdoings that violate WTO rules.

China will pay close heed to the European Commission's follow-up moves and reserve the right to take all necessary measures, according to the ministry.

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