The Candidates' Interests Determine Solutions To the Crisis

The Candidates' Interests Determine Solutions To the Crisis
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3 November 2020
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Citizens wait in line to cast their vote, U.S., Nov. 3, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @BobSkylstad

Neither of the candidates has a solution that addresses the enormous scale of the crisis we face. And this isn't because the candidates lack the imagination to solve this crisis.

It's not because they can't solve this crisis. It's because they're not interested in solving the crisis. It's because the two candidates don't represent us, they represent their donors who are corporations and the ultra-rich.

And we saw the way this played out during the Coronavirus pandemic when millions of people lost their jobs overnight. They didn't know how they were going to put food on the table.

They didn't know if they'd be able to pay rent that month. People needed a bailout, but we didn't get a bailout. We got this one-time twelve-hundred-dollar check, which in some cities US$1,200 doesn't even cover one month's rent.

And there were also many people who didn't receive a check because they were considered ineligible to receive a check. Meanwhile, the banks and corporations received a bailout to the tune of several trillions of dollars, and some of this coronavirus relief money was also allocated to the military.

You know, this wasn't Donald Trump's policy. This wasn't his decision. It was a bipartisan decision. These bailouts were made by both parties. And in this country, we have a military budget that tops a trillion dollars.

We can only imagine how that money could have been spent to relieve people from this pandemic, to help people keep their jobs, to cancel rents to cancel mortgages to make sure people get by but defunding the Pentagon is not on the table for either party there in total agreement on this issue.

We saw this during the debates when Joe Biden was trying to challenge Donald Trump from the right on foreign policy saying that he was weak on China or on Venezuela and that he would be tougher on these countries than Donald Trump who's a total war hawk.

So it's clear that regardless of who wins this election, people will continue to have to fight like hell for what we need.

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