Brazil hosts 26th Convention of Solidarity with Cuba

Brazil hosts 26th Convention of Solidarity with Cuba
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8 June 2023
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The 26th Convention of Solidarity with Cuba opens in Belen, the capital of the northern Brazilian state of Para, on Thursday to multiply fraternal actions, condemn the US blockade, and strengthen the defense of the revolutionary process in Cuba.

Organizers of the forum, to be run until June 11, announced, “The Congress will include a series of activities over four days, such as lectures, roundtable discussions, and working groups on different issues related to the situation in Cuba.

They stated that during these days, many initiatives will be launched against Washington’s siege and its hostility against Cuba and advocate for supporting just causes.

Cuban Hero Fernando González will attend the meeting. During the week, he thanked the Brazilian friendship movement for its solidarity when five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters were serving unjust sentences in the United States for trying to prevent violent actions against their country.

On Wednesday, the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples president thanked Mayor Edimilson Brito for hosting the solidarity meeting.

In addition to González, Cuban Ambassador Adolfo Curbelo; eminent Cuban scientist Dr. Agustin Lage; Alejandro Barro, Dean of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Havana; and Anier Arnedo, Organizational Secretary of the National Committee of the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC), are expected to attend the event.

Also included are Dr. René González Barrios, director of the Fidel Castro Center, and Argentine Nolberto Galiotti, coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Network for Just Causes.

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