August will also be very warm, Cuban experts affirm

August will also be very warm, Cuban experts affirm
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2 August 2023
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The eighth month of the year is the second month of the intra-summer period or canicule in Cuba and one of the two that least precipitation adds to the rainy season in the country.

Rainfall is relatively scarce, due to the influence of the North Atlantic anticyclone (a system that has an impact on the weather and its patterns), although showers and thunderstorms occur, mainly during the afternoon and early evening, the Weather Center reported in its latest bulletin.

Such a situation, it explained, is associated with the passage of tropical zone systems, such as tropical waves and tropical lows and diurnal warming.

It warned that in August, cyclonic activity over Cuba begins to increase, although the frequency of hurricane activity is only half that of September.

It specified that the overheating process of the sea in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean also continues, and the atmospheric circulation adjusts to the patterns of an El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event or periodic change of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific that impacts the world.

The Weather Center from the Institute of Meteorology estimated that rainfall in the west will be 205.7 millimeters in August, 171.6 in the center and 136.2 in the east, while temperatures will be 32.3-33.1 degrees Celsius, 32.8-33.5 and 32.6-33-4 in the same geographic order.

Specialists of the Forecasting Center, also from the Institute of Meteorology, forecast that this period will be normal to not very active in terms of tropical organisms, when 11 tropical cyclones should form, of which five could reach hurricane category; seven will develop in the Atlantic oceanic area, two in the Caribbean Sea and the same number in the Gulf of Mexico.

The danger of Cuba being hit by at least one tropical cyclone with hurricane category is also moderate, with a 35 percent chance, they added and reiterated the need for the most important thing is to be prepared to face any contingency.

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