Art And Color Of The Canchánchara Festival In Trinidad De Cuba

Art And Color Of The Canchánchara Festival In Trinidad De Cuba
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11 December 2023
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Music, dance, joy and recognition focused the beginning of the first edition of the Canchánchara, Tradition and Culture Festival that today continues its delivery of art in various manifestations in this city of Trinidad, Cuba.

The day before it was prepared in a beautiful piece of clay, made by the renowned Santander family, the canchánchara with which it is intended to establish the Guinness Record and the name given to a mixture made with lemon juice, honey, brandy, ice and water .

Previously, José (Pepe) López, promoter and one of the organizers of the event, explained in a press conference that officials from the United Kingdom embassy in Cuba would record the entire process and then offer an opinion.

In the Plaza del Jigüe, where the founding mass of the former town of the Santísima Trinidad, the third of those founded by the Spanish in Cuba, was celebrated, the opening of the Festival took place that for three days will fill the central southern city with joy. 

Among the activities carried out was the launch of the City Brand: Trinidad de Cuba, Ciudad de Encuentros and the inaugural parade with the Habana Flamenca company and the Tonadas Trinitarias group, in a significant embrace between African and Spanish cultures.

The city known as the Museum City of the Caribbean, declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, transformed the night into a magical and romantic place, where melodies for all tastes were melted and where one: Near the sea and the mountains, made hearts vibrate .

The tribute to the great Cuban singer Esther Borja (1913-2013) was not long in coming either and the well-known song Damisela Encantadora was heard, while from the emblematic balcony where she sang to the Trinidadians another voice remembered her.

Also on the night, 15 Excellence Awards were presented to local cultural personalities, among them the troubadour Isabel Béquer (La Profunda), the outstanding plastic artist Yudit Vidal and Carlos Mata, called the painter of Trinidadian nights.

Others who received the award were the diligent researcher Víctor Echenagusía and Dr. Alicia García, who called Trinidad de Cuba a gift from heaven.

The inauguration was attended by Deivy Pérez, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and first secretary in the province of Sancti Spíritus, and Governor Alexis Lorente, as well as the authorities of the Party and the Government in Trinidad.

Photographic exhibitions are planned for today, such as the one titled Santander Family: Legacy and Identity, by Raúl Abreu, and the public will be able to visit the Guamuhaya Archeology Museum and enjoy the exhibition Sabor y Arte VII: Made in Cuba.

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