Annie Garcés and the Iris Duo in Operation Happiness

Annie Garcés and the Iris Duo in Operation Happiness
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13 June 2022
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It’s not a singing contest or an art festival, but rather a gesture of love and solidarity, an expression of love for the land where they were born:


“When they called me to join the group A Cuba hay que quererla, specifically with Operation Happiness, to collect toys and other useful items for daycare centers, homes for children without family protection, and medical centers on the island, I furthered the invitation to my friends from the Iris Duo, because Daya (Dayamí Pérez Sánchez) is from the Island just like me and, well, Javier (Javier López Elias) is an adopted Pinero”, explained Annie Garcés.

Javier assures that when Annie told them about the Project they were happy to join in and contribute their bit, so early last Saturday they were at the ALBA Cultural House in Havana, receiving with their hearts everything they brought from the hearts of Cuban men and women who, in the midst of hard times, choose to cling to that essence of this Island to share what we love.

Amado Riol, and troubadour Raúl Torres, creators of A Cuba hay que quererla, accompanied these young and talented musicians who, according to Daya, will be collecting as much as possible until the end of June to send it to the boys and girls of the Isle of Youth, where they plan to perform early in July.

At the same time, Annie tells us, a collect is taking place in the special municipality and, meanwhile, other creators are joining in the capital such as Israel Rojas, leader of Buena Fe Duo and many people from the Isle of Youth never absent, always connected with their place of origin.

The invitation of Annie, Daya, and Javier remains open, anyone can approach the House of ALBA with any contribution that can later become a bit of joy or a sort of hug for those who know how to love.

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