And Cristiano Ronaldo said: “For Cuban Doctors, Sure!”

And Cristiano Ronaldo said: “For Cuban Doctors, Sure!”
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14 July 2020
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It just happened. Ilham, one of AICEC (Agency for the Economic and Cultural Exchange with Cuba) volunteers accompanying the Cuban Medical Brigade in Turin made it possible. A friend of a friend. They knocked on the right door and that was it! They agreed to do it: for the Cuban doctors.

The thing is that there are many fans of the Italian football club Juventus among Cuban health personnel in the Medical Brigade. Others not, but nonetheless they feel the passion for football. However, stadiums —in times of pandemic— are close these days.

Matches are being played in empty stadiums. They are broadcasted by television and internet. Hence, Cuban doctors could not go to the Juventus Stadium or Torino´s.

Someone came up with the idea to dress up like firefighters. But the idea was actually pretty ridiculous.

That´s where Ilham took action and had a glorious masterstroke.

He was warned: we would have loved to do it more personally, but it was impossible.

These days, there are many petitions: a sick father, or brother, people infected with Covid-19 and that is the only thing they want. But we cannot.

But Juventus executives want to do it for Cuban doctors anyway.

The boys are nervous. They know something is happening. Ilham arrives with a magical box.

Then, at last, we know: Juventus football club has sent every member of the Cuban Medical Brigade an original jersey signed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

And Cristiano agreed. They cannot do it, but they said: “Sure, this is for Cuban doctors and nurses working in Turin”!



Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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