ALBA-TCP faces attacks on the digital scene

ALBA-TCP faces attacks on the digital scene
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28 June 2022
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Caracas, Jun 28 (Prensa Latina) The ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary, Sacha Llorenti, on Tuesday called on the countries of this regional bloc to strengthen joint actions in the communication field to face attacks in the digital scenario.

During the holding of the ALBA Digital Meeting at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, Llorenti stressed that Latin American and the Caribbean countries are facing a dispute between a project of integration and unity in the face a disintegration one that seeks to promote the hegemonic interests of the United States.

“It is the conflict between the Monroe Doctrine and the Bolivarian Doctrine, in which the scenarios and battlefields are changing with the change of time,” the head of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Trade of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP) said.

In this sense, the official stressed that the threats and attacks against emancipatory projects in the area are made by the implementation of the economic war and unilateral coercive measures, coups, mercenary incursions and the organization of destabilizing plans.

“We see threats against our peoples. That colonizing project has permanently tried to undermine the processes that are committed to life and integration,” he warned. He also warned that one of the main fronts of this permanent attack occurs in the digital scene by means of terrible campaigns on the so-called social media.

Llorenti said that the world of new communication technologies is constantly evolving, which is why it is necessary to maintain a continuous debate on how to face these threats.

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