AI to be permanently debated in Cuban literary forum

AI to be permanently debated in Cuban literary forum
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20 February 2024
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A topic as current as the irruption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in creative processes and the publishing world, has a permanent space at the 32nd Havana International Book Fair, thanks to the Cuba Digital Project.

In this great literary event that takes place here until February 25, with its main venue in the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress, there is an open debate and lectures by specialists from different nations on the impact and trends originated by this technology.

In the coming days, the Cuba Digital Project has reserved several presentations, such as that of the director of the Publishing Career at the University of Buenos Aires and Editorial Director at SALIM Ediciones, Pablo Canalicchio, who will talk about “Editorial Evolution: Trends and Artificial Intelligence as a tool for change”.

On Saturday, February 24, expert Yarina Amoroso will give a lecture on “Artificial Intelligence: Ethics and Copyright”.

In this fairground, as part of the theoretical program Cuba Digital recently held the panel “AI and the creative process”, with Doctor in Philosophical Sciences Giovanni Fernandez, professor at the University of Havana, and Victor Fernandez, programmer and current administrator of the virtual bookstore of the Cuban Book Institute.


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