Abel Prieto supports consistent attitude of Cuban musicians

Abel Prieto supports consistent attitude of Cuban musicians
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6 February 2022
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Casa de las Americas President (House of the Americas), Abel Prieto, on Sunday defended the coherence between national culture and its artists, loyal to the principles of the Cuban Revolution.

“Such a powerful gentleman is Mister Money,” Spanish poet Quevedo said. But nothing “Latin” showbiz celebrities or opportunists or sellouts do can compare with the authenticity and force of Cuban revolutionary culture, Prieto wrote on Twitter.

The attitude of the leaders of the band Buena Fe are an example of his words. They have defended, in a dignified way, the validity of the three Covid-19 vaccines (Soberana 02, Soberana Plus and Abdala) in the face of the non-recognition by the government of Canada, the country where they would embark on their next tour.

We will sing where our vaccines are acknowledged, its members, Israel Rojas and Yoel Rodriguez said on social media. They are the authors of the song La fuerza de un país (the Force of a Country), dedicated to Cuban scientists, who also developed another two vaccine candidates: Soberana 01 and Mambisa, for the benefit of the Cuban people.

A number of supportive tweets back these Cuban musicians’ decision and their unwavering support for science, which is currently administering a booster shoot to the entire Cuban vaccine-eligible population.


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