2 UK policewomen warned over ‘offensive’ TikTok videos in uniform, including one making light of Covid-19

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2 UK policewomen warned over ‘offensive’ TikTok videos in uniform, including one making light of Covid-19
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16 September 2020
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Metropolitan police wearing face masks form a cordon at Extinction Rebellion demonstration on 3rd September 2020 in London, United Kingdom. © Getty Images / Mike Kemp

Two police officers in Cambridgeshire, England have been accused of gross misconduct after a member of the public saw videos of them in uniform dancing and singing inappropriately in “numerous” TikTok videos.

Police constables Amy Taylor and April Cooper were put through a disciplinary hearing and found to have committed gross misconduct over the “unprofessional” videos. Clips included the two cops “shouting offensive language” in a police vehicle, dancing inappropriately while “utilising fire marshal tabards,” and one with Cooper shouting “coronavirus” into a phone, with the caption “when calling in sick at work and they ask what's up.”

“This clip was made in the height of a pandemic which is still ongoing yet you appear to be insensitive to the many thousands who have suffered and the vital role that emergency services and other agencies played in this outbreak, and continue to do so,” Cambridgeshire Chief Constable Nick Dean said.

Taylor and Cooper told the misconduct panel the clips were made to “boost morale.”

Dean said the videos had been popular and their reach “extensive,” but the officers chose to take them down when they were told they were unprofessional, insensitive and harmful to “public trust.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the clips have damaged the reputation of this constabulary,” he said.

Both officers were given a final written warning for their actions.

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