Bruce Springsteen signs absence note for fifth grader

Bruce Springsteen signs absence note for fifth grader
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30 September 2016
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To the age-old classic “dog ate my homework,” we raise you a new and improved school excuse: Bruce Springsteen said so.

Springsteen gave one young fan the excuse note of a lifetime by signing an absence form for Philadelphia fifth grader Michael Fenerty, who stayed up way past his bedtime attending The Boss’ longest U.S. show ever.

The show took place on Sept. 7 at Citizens Bank Park, and the Masterman School’s first day happened to be the next morning. But that didn’t stop Fenerty and his memorabilia-collecting father Mike from stopping by Springsteen’s meet-and-greet post-performance.

“Of course Bruce played his longest show,” Mike told “As a fan I loved it; as a parent I hated it. I wanted to kill him!

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