Coldplay Fans Welcome Band to Argentina

Coldplay Fans Welcome Band to Argentina
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30 March 2016
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The band arrived March 27 in the South American country and checked in at the same select Buenos Aires hotel where Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards stayed recently, and since then they have greeted the waves of fans wanting to meet them.

The Twitter account @Coldplaying, on which the band’s fans post their messages, has for several days included photos of the group seen with fans, plus videos of the sound and light rehearsals leading up to the concert.

On the social network Instagram, meanwhile, fans standing guard at the hotel post images of the musicians at the entrance, all smiles and warm greetings.

Some months ago, the group’s leader recorded a greeting for his Argentine fans in Spanish that roughly translates as “Hi, how’re you doing? I’m Chris of Coldplay. We’ll see each other in Buenos Aires in March, and we hope to see all of you.” The video has been doing the rounds on social networks this week.

The band kicks off its Latin American tour in Argentina with two shows at the Estadio Unico stadium in La Plata on March 31 and April 1.

The Estadio Unico stadium was also the venue chosen by the Rolling Stones for their concert last February.

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