Adele Dishes Secret To Making Good Music: If It Makes Her Cry, It's Good Enough To Be a Hit

Adele Dishes Secret To Making Good Music: If It Makes Her Cry, It's Good Enough To Be a Hit
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16 November 2015
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"In order for me to feel confident with one of my songs it has to really move me," the "Hello" hit maker said. "That's how I know that I've written a good song for myself -- it's when I start crying."

And she makes it a point that it doesn't just take a shallow crying -- she had to "break out in [expletive] tears" during rehearsals in vocal booths or in the studio.

As for her new album, "25," which contains the number one chart topper of today, "Hello," it's safe to say that the track has made the British crooner break out in tears. Even before the album is set to be dropped on Nov. 20, one of its tracks had already received a recognition as early as seven days after its release.

As previously reported by Latin Post, Adele's "Hello" is one of the two songs that has been sold for more than a million copies in just a week. The track has racked the biggest sales week 15 years since Elton John released his song, "Candle in the Wind."

But according to her, at first, she doubted the need to make a follow-up album for "21" because people loved it enough, she thought they wouldn't be needing "25" anymore.

"I didn't think I had it in me to write another record. I didn't know if I should. Because of how successful '21' was, I thought, 'Maybe everyone's happy with that being the last thing from me. Maybe I should bow out on a high,'" the Grammy recipient said. "As time went on, I realized I had no choice. I have to write more music for myself, and there's nothing else I want to do."

While her top track sounded like the same-old broken hearted Adele, she said that she doesn't want to sound lonely and bitter anymore, now that she shares a son with philanthropist Simon Konecki. When "21" was in the works, she was then single and still childless.

But now, the 27-year-old mom to Angelo said that her son is what inspires her to move on from her bitter phase while her partner has been "so supportive" of her craft.

Adele just received Billboard's Greatest Album Award of all Time for "21," according to Telegraph and this recognition made her beat Michael Jackson and Julie Andrews.


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