Habanarte in September: La Colmenita Children Theater Group

Habanarte in September: La Colmenita Children Theater Group
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6 June 2014
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The theater group was founded by Carlos Alberto Cremata (Tin), its director, on February 14, 1990. He has confessed the name of the company is because he believes theater is “a group of small bees that develop and organize their own house, they work diligently, and go out every day to seek and produce sweetness.”

La Colmenita is characterized for performing shows where the aesthetic quality, the interpretative rigor, professionalism, Cuban identity and humor are entailed with sensitivity, tenderness and nobility that should be present in the art made by and for children.

One of the most relevant contributions of this theater company is the work they carry out with children that have any physical, visual, hearing disability or those with Down syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, among others. Some thing that truly touches everyone’s hearts is to see happiness in the faces of those children whose lives is much better since they became part of La colmenita. This is also the greatest message of love and humanism this theater group—UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador—can offer to them.

La Colmenita’s declared goals are to promote love, human values and aesthetic pleasure, and to favour the enjoyment of art and the search so children and teenagers with special educational needs can reach their personal growth. It also pursues to link the performances in stages with the community work and to create spaces for participation involving in the most remote and diverse places of the country.

The children audience will have in Habanarte its place of honor with the art and joy of La Colmenita.

Translation: Cubarte

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