Lizt Alfonso Ballet in Habanarte next September

Lizt Alfonso Ballet in Habanarte next September
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4 June 2014
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This company was founded by its director and choreographer Lizt Alfonso in October 1991 as part of the Centro de Promoción de la Danza en Cuba (PRODANZA) under the name Danzas Ibéricas, and in the same year they proclaimed as an independent company with the name they are using nowadays.

Lizt Alfonso Ballet’s foundational goal throughout these years has been to show the audience a dynamic and pleasant show, based on fusing the rich dances that make up Cuban and Spanish folklore, combined with the most modern trends in choreographic, musical and theater composition.

This is one of the most popular and applauded companies in Cuba, and it is also one the Cuban dance companies that has achieved an outstanding prestige in international stages, proven in their multiple tours around several countries.

Lizt Alfonso Ballet holds as indisputable letters of introduction the rigorous preparation of its dancers translated into the virtuosity shown in the stages. They perform a varied and rich program in shows that have had favorable critics in publications like The New York Times, for its successful and countless performances in the United States in Broadway, New York and other US cities.

Habanarte will give people the chance to enjoy Lizt Alfonso Ballet’s extraordinary artistic success onstage next September.

Translation: Adriana Pérez (Cubarte)

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