Buena Fe Wins Best Video of the Year at the 2014 Lucas Awards

Buena Fe Wins Best Video of the Year at the 2014 Lucas Awards
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2 December 2014
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The ceremony, hosted by Karl Marx Theater, took place last Saturday night with a broad array of technology and not without controversy, raised by Padrón himself, one of the directors more nominated this year.

It is necessary that Lucas to be reviewed, as it is not normal for a video where its editors, photographers and director have not been awarded, and then earns this recognition, the filmmaker, who won two statuettes with this same work for Best Fusion Video and Best Production, said.

Padrón also mentioned one of his competitors in this section, Alejandro Perez, director of the audiovisual versions of ¨Bailando¨, by Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona and Enrique Iglesias, who "has put Cuba up high worldwide ".

Israel Rojas, lead singer of Buena Fe, said meanwhile that it is a wonder that there are events such as Lucas, where the work of professionals who give everything sometimes without receiving much in return is rewarded, because this is a laurel for filmmakers and not for the musicians, he insisted.

In the category of Most Popular Video there were surprises for those expecting that ¨Bailando¨ was going to sweep, instead it was Angeles group who took the applause for third consecutive year with ¨Besando tu boca¨, by Manuel Ortega.

Another coveted prize was the one of Best Director which went to Rudy Mora and Orlando Cruzata for ¨Llueve otra vez, ¨ by Augusto Enriquez, and the National Symphony of Cuba, which also won Best Music Video Song and Bachatas.

Despite not winning all the trophies augured, Alejandro Perez remained as leader within the winners, with five prizes, including two with ¨Alcé mi voz, ¨ by Ivette Cepeda (Traditional and Folk Music, Best Photography and one with Bailando (Best Choreographic Video).

Jose Rojas and Joseph Ross, two of the new directors with more nominations, also triumphed: the first with ¨Que no, que no, ¨by Juan Guillermo (Danceable Popular Music) and the second with ¨Brujas¨, by Sexto Sentido (Electronic Pop House and Art Direction) .

The awards ceremony was enliven by the performances of artists like Thaira, SMS, David Blanco , Yuly and Havana C, Nube Roja and Cucu Diamantes who provoked euphoria in more than thousand people attending the show.

The gala closed with the interpretation of ¨Me dicen Cuba, ¨by Alexander Abreu and Havana d' Primera, video that earned a special recognition, granted for the first time at the event.

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