Latin American and Caribbean Brigade Supports the Cuban Revolution

Latin American and Caribbean Brigade Supports the Cuban Revolution
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5 August 2014
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Coming to Cuba is showing to the world that millions of people support its social process, said in this city Mexican Maria Teresa Lopez, member of the Latin American and Caribbean Brigade of voluntary work and solidarity with the island. Lopez, a retired teacher, told ACN on Saturday, upon her arrival in Ciego de Avila, that she has come in 19 of the brigade’s 21 trips to the island, because the hospitality, happiness and friendship of Cubans deny the negative myths of campaigns by the mainstream media.
Being here once again ratifies and strengthens the cultural and fraternal relations that for a long time have existed between our two
nations, pointed out Lopez, a founder for more than four decades of the Jose Marti Mexican-Cuban Institute.
For her part, Maite Vallejo, a dancer with the music group Sakitanou, of Martinique, emphasized that both her and her comrades see Cuba as a reference of resistance in the Caribbean.
On this occasion, the 122 brigadistas of 12 countries, among them Mexico, Martinique, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, will have contacts with local history by way of a tour of institutions of high heritage value.
Yohanka Rodriguez, representative in the province of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People, informed that these friends will also hold exchanges with locals, carry out voluntary work in agriculture, and pay tribute to National Hero Jose Marti at the park named after him in this city.

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