Raúl congratulates the Coro Madrigalista on its 60th anniversary

Raúl congratulates the Coro Madrigalista on its 60th anniversary
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23 October 2015
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“On the occasion of your 60th anniversary,” the message delivered to the choir by the Minister of Culture, Julián González Toledo, read, “I send you my congratulations for the perseverance, talent and revolutionary spirit with which you have defended this noble project.”

The President added, “Over six decades, the group has worked to rescue and promote the musical heritage of our country and valuable works of the universal repertoire.”

“The social vocation of the Coro Madrigalista has been expressed in these years of Revolution through sustained community work and the formation of groups of children enthusiastic about singing.”

“Receive a strong embrace,” the message concludes.

On receiving the recognition, Maestra Magalys Sánchez Mayeuve, director of the first professional choir created in the country, noted that the message from Army General Raúl Castro was both an honour and recognition of the institution's commitment to continue improving its work in the community, both in Santiago de Cuba and across the rest of the country.

Lázaro Expósito Canto, member of the Party Central Committee and its first secretary in the province, and Reinaldo García Zapata, president of the local government, attended the tribute held at the recently opened Art Gallery of the Emilio Bacardí Museum.

By the end of the late eighteenth century, Santiago was the most important center for this type of music in the country. When speaking of the choral tradition of the city, it is essential to highlight the role of the University Choir, which after the triumph of the Revolution was strengthened, leading to the consolidation of the Coro Madrigalista, followed by the OrfeónSantiago, as professional choirs.(Granma)

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