Group of 77 will Condemn US Hostile Policy against Cuba

Group of 77 will Condemn US Hostile Policy against Cuba
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12 June 2014
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The final declaration to be adopted by the upcoming Summit of the Group of 77 plus China will condemn US’s unilateral and offensive actions against Cuba, including the most recent and subversive Twitter program Zunzuneo.

According to the island’s permanent mission at the United Nations, the draft document strongly rejects the sanctions imposed by North countries against nations in the South, based on issues like terrorism, traffic in persons and drug traffic.

The forum, made up of 133 nations, is also expected to reject the use of information technologies in violation of international law and in this regards the Group of 77 plus China has noted that the US-sponsored program known as Zunzuneo against Cuba exposes its illegal use of such modern technologies.

The summit will also back Havana against Washington’s blacklisting of Cuba as a state sponsoring terrorism, which is an excuse to justify the over-50-year economic blockade against the Cuban people.

The Group of 77 agenda also includes initiatives about climate change, migration, agriculture, health and education, the millennium goals and the post 2005 working agenda for sustainable development.

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