Asian and Cuban communities come together to Celebrate Earth Day in Cuba

Asian and Cuban communities come together to Celebrate Earth Day in Cuba
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27 April 2015
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The Earth Day jointly organized by the Asian Ladies Association in Cuba in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MINREX ), National Institute of Hydraulic Resources ( INRIH ) and Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples ( ICAP ) was held at the Metropolitan Park in Central Havana on 22nd April 2015 with the participation of a large gathering of distinguished guests and invitees.

To mark the Earth Day, President of ALA, Ramanika Dissanayake, accompanied by the President of ICAP, Kenia Serrano, Deputy Director / Asia & Oceania Division of MINREX, Mario Alzugaray, Specialist / INRIH, Amneris Carrera, Director of Metropolitan Park, Lazaro Rivera Hernandez, officials, students and members of ALA planted over 3oo fruit , timber and endemic plants in a special plot of land designated as the “ Forest of Friendship” which was declared open by unveiling a special plaque carrying the flags of 14 - member countries of ALA. Parallel to the main event, groups of children drawn from Cuban and international schools in Havana engaged in a series of educational and entertainment activities dedicated to the earth and environment.

The Earth Day that paved the way for members of the Asian and Cuban communities to come together for a common cause, was aimed at promoting awareness and cooperation in regard to preserving the mother earth and environment in a spirit of friendship and solidarity.

Speaking on the occasion, President of ALA, Ramanika Dissanayake welcomed all the guests who joined the celebrations and appreciated their commitment and enthusiasm for a just cause. She also underscored the importance of all stakeholders working together to make the Earth Day truly meaningful for all. President of ICAP Kenia Serrano, in her remarks, laid emphasis on child - oriented awareness campaigns with a focus on future generations as key to realizing the green revolution. The MINREX Representative, Mr Alzugaray also delivered a speech in which he spoke of Cuba’s unique accomplishments in the fields of sustainable development and environment, thanks to Cuba’s community oriented cooperative societies system and its broad based participatory network. The Director of Metropolitan Park, in his speech, thanked the guests and participants for their meaningful contribution for the Earth Day celebrations and expressed his friendship and solidarity with all .

The Earth Day 2015 celebrated in Havana on 22nd April 2015 was yet another accomplishment of the ALA in its endeavours to reach out to the Cuban people for further the promotion of friendship and cooperation between the Asian countries and Cuba.

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