Cuban Health Collaborators Return from Sierra Leone

Cuban Health Collaborators Return from Sierra Leone
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2 April 2015
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With the arrival today of 64 health collaborators from Sierra Leone Cuba, have reached our homeland the entire group of doctors and male nurses who fought back the Ebola virus outbreak in that country of Western Africa.  

This second wave of members from Henry Reeve group also arrived through the international airport Juan Gualberto Gomez, of Varadero, after a six-month stay in the risky mission, saving the lives of those people suffering the disease.

An AT 310-300 aircraft, from the Portuguese airline Whyte, landed at 10:12 p.m. with the priced human cargo, in which happiness and satisfaction for the fulfilled duty were evidenced in the faces of collaborators.

Workers of the air terminal gave them an enthusiastic welcoming on behalf of the Cuban people. The group was immediately transferred toward the assistance center where they will undergo epidemic surveillance and control process, established for all those who arrive from countries hit by the Ebola virus.

On Sunday March 23 returned to Cuba the first group of 150 health collaborators, 98 of them from Sierra Leone and 52 from Liberia.

More than 250 doctors and Cuban male nurses belonging to the Henry Reeve contingent, that responded the call of the U.N. General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon, and the World Health Organization, traveled, in October 2014, to face the virus in Guinea Conakry.

These three countries from Western Africa, the most affected by the illness, the sanitary personnel from Cuba not only had an influent role in the cure of Ebola, but in the prevention, as authorities from those nations and international organizations have acknowledged.

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