Cuba Educators Recognized on National Teacher Day

Cuba Educators Recognized on National Teacher Day
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22 December 2014
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On the occasion of National Teacher's Day, the work of Cuban teachers was acknowledged on Monday by the island's government and the Cuban Federation of Women.

Cuba's Granma newspaper featured messages by the Cuban Ministry of Education (MINED, which is responsible for education up to the pre- university level), and the Ministry of Higher Education (MES).

The bodies recognized the work of Cuban teachers, particularly noting their efforts to ensure the resumption of the school year within the shortest time possible following the damage caused by three hurricanes.

These storms had made it impossible for many educational centers across the island to begin their activities on schedule (September 1).

¨We are pleased to congratulate all of those (teachers) who, along with the valiant Cuban people, offered help from all parts of the country for the carrying out and continuity of that great work that is education, read MINED's message.

Likewise, the Ministry of Higher Education noted the work of teachers who have participated in literacy campaigns in other countries.

The text reads that this year's Teacher's Day” occurring just days before the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution— is celebrated by educators with the satisfaction of having fulfilled their duties.

The resolution specifically referenced the contributions of teachers to post- hurricane recovery efforts.

For its part, the Cuban Federation of Women highlighted the continuing work of Cuban teachers in strengthening bonds between schools, families, and communities in the education of our children.¨

Cuban Teacher's Day was founded to mark the end of the nation´s literacy campaign (which concluded on December 22, 1961).

During that time, the majority of Cubans learned to read and write. However, several young volunteer teachers lost their lives at the hands of CIA-sponsored counter-revolutionary groups operating in the Cuban countryside in that period.

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