Cuban Experts Step Up Measures Against Ebola in Equatorial Guinea

Cuban Experts Step Up Measures Against Ebola in Equatorial Guinea
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5 December 2014
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A group of 15 Cuban experts arrived in this capital, at the request of the government of Equatorial Guinea to strengthen along with the nation''s professionals the prevention measures against Ebola virus, reported today diplomatic sources. You came here in a very significant date as it is placed a few hours before the celebration of the Latin American Medicine Day, said the Cuban ambassador Pedro Dona when receiving the contingent at the International Airport of Malabo.

He wished success to the mission and stated that for sure will bring up the trust placed in them by the Cuban government and people, as well as that of Equatorial Guinea.

The group of specialists from the island also deepen on the prevention measures against the disease with the view to the celebration of the African Football Cup of Nations (CAN2015) that will be held in this country late in January.

This special team will work under instructions from the National Technical Committee for Prevention and Fight against Ebola presided over by Lucas Nguema Esono, Second Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Social Sector and Education and Science Minister and others.

After the arrival in Malabo the brigade was received by Nguema Esono, who welcomed and thanked their arrival to a second home.

He explained the objectives of work during their stay in the country and reiterated that the presence of specialists felt within the excellent bilateral relations between heads of States of Cuba and Equatorial Guinea, and their peoples.

Local media highlighted in their news segments and the immediate and solidarity response given by the government of the Caribbean.

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