Cuba without cases of coronavirus, health checks reinforced

Cuba without cases of coronavirus, health checks reinforced
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28 January 2020
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There are no cases of coronavirus in Cuba and border health checks are reinforced, the National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), Francisco Duran, reported here today.

No cases have been reported in our country and there are no suspicions and no people under any supervision, said the official.

After making a balance in a press conference of what happens with this disease originated in the province of Wuhan in China, the specialist explained that the island is stepping up checks at the different international borders: ports, airports and marinas.

There are protocols for health checks and adequate surveillance is maintained for all persons arriving in the country, as well as the general declaration of health of the ship at first, and the traveler's declaration of health.

He also recalled the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO), which for now does not declare the disease as a global health emergency. This could change and we have to be on the alert, he stressed.

At the same time, Cuba developed a plan to face a possible proliferation of the disease, which includes the participation of all organizations, he explained.

Originated in China, according to official sources, more than 2,000 people have been infected and 80 deaths have already been reported.

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