Cuba rejects new flight restrictions imposed by the US

Cuba rejects new flight restrictions imposed by the US
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10 January 2020
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Havana, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has slammed the new restrictions on flights to the island from the United States announced by the Trump administration on Friday, yet another measure that adds to the escalation of hostile actions against the country.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez 'energetically' rejected the new ban by the government of President Donald Trump.

On his Twitter account, Rodriguez stressed the move is a 'serious violation of human rights, of the freedom to travel in the United States and hinders family reunification.'

Today, through Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Washington announced that it will ban charter flights to all destinations in Cuba, with the exception of Havana, a measure similar to that imposed on commercial airlines.

According to the announcement, nine airports on the island will be affected and charter operators will have a 60-day period to discontinue all restricted flights.

In his statement, Pompeo added that limits would be imposed on the number of charter flights allowed to José Martí International Airport in Havana.

The measure reinforces the hostility of the Trump administration towards the neighboring island, with which it seeks, among other objectives, to considerably reduce visits by US citizens, after several years of a growing number traveling to Cuba.

Once again, the State Department justifies the measure as a way to further 'restrict the Cuban regime's ability to obtain revenue,' alleging human rights violations and Havana's support for Nicolas Maduro's constitutional government in Venezuela as reasons for adopting the punitive measure.

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