European Brigade Members Confirm Support for Cuba

European Brigade Members Confirm Support for Cuba
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11 July 2018
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Havana, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) Members of the 48th edition of the Jose Marti European Brigade of solidarity with Cuba today expressed their support for this nation, where they will participate in productive work, conferences and meetings with the people.

According to Maria Concepción Pereira, a brigade member from Portugal who has integrated 14 times these solidarity groups, coming to the island is very profitable both personally and collectively.

Pereira, a member of the Portuguese Communist Party, told Prensa Latina that her country does not know much about the island due to the right's dominance over the media.

They speak things about Cuba that are not real, they turn others around and present them in a distorted way, said the visitor, who insisted that the solidarity brigades contribute to spreading the Cuban reality in the world.

We here integrate ourselves and see the strength of the people, the goals and objectives for which they fight. We see unity, without which the Cuban Revolution would not have resisted so many years, and that makes us feel proud, he said.

For her part, Maria Luisa Ramos, Bolivian member of the European brigade, pointed out that the possibility of sharing in Cuba with people from several countries is very important to spread the truth about the Caribbean nation, the Latin American nation and coordinate initiatives at the international level.

It is relevant because it is not only solidarity with Cuba, but with ourselves to rekindle our ideas and, equally, have necessary doses of self-criticism, she added.

'We must continue supporting Cuba, which has been the light in the path of many people. It is a town that has given us a lot and that we owe a lot,' she said.

'We must continue to denounce the blockade -terrible and horrifying- to which the United States has subjected the island for having different ideas and fighting for freedom,' she added.

The current edition of the brigade has more than 90 members from Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Belgium.

In addition, citizens of other countries -including several Latin Americans- joined the aforementioned delegations.

The closing of the program will be on July 26, a date celebrated in Cuba as the Day of National Rebellion and in whose activities the brigade members will participate.

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