Mexico conference held in solidarity with Cuba

Mexico conference held in solidarity with Cuba
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28 August 2014
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The Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, organized a conference in Mexico City (capital) where Mexican researcher Tatiana Coll, emphasized the value of Fidel Castro to the Caribbean island and the world.

Reviewed by the agency Prensa Latina, Coll said the ability of the leader of the Cuban Revolution to transcend the limits of a small island and become what he called “the statesman most up to our times.”

Speaking to Cuban news agency, Prensa Latina, the exponent still said “Fidel Castro continues to signal paths and warning of the dangers to mankind in his reflections reported by Cuban and international media.”

“It was wrong when in the middle of the Sierra Maestra, observing the bombing of peasant houses with bombs ‘made in Usa’, predicted that the war would be longer against American imperialism,” Coll said.

About it, he mentioned the hundreds of assassination attempts that Washington organized against Cuban Head of State, who survived more than 10 American administrations.

The speaker recalled various stages of the Cuban revolutionary struggle and signed the sentence of Ernesto Che Guevara saying that never shone more a statesman Fidel Castro during the call Missile Crisis in October 1962.In this regard, Coll highlighted his ability as a strategist for defining moments and decisions, such as when he proclaimed the socialist nature of the Cuban process, in April 1961, during the burial of victims of the bombing that preceded the invasion of Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs).

“The Cuban Revolution has resisted more than half a century, and this has been possible for the unity forged by Castro and his people against aggression and destabilization plans that the United States against Cuba continues unleashing” concluded also the founder of the solidarity movement Mexican people with the neighboring island.

teleSUR invites you to visit our special website on the occasion of the 88th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel: The life that we revolutionized.

You can also visit the gallery “Fidel is Fidel” photo exhibition dedicated to the Cuban leader.

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