Cuba Attends Main Agricultural Fair in El Salvador

Cuba Attends Main Agricultural Fair in El Salvador
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6 April 2017
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AgroExpo-2017, the largest agricultural fair in El Salvador, has proposed to its visitors today to approach the Cuban experience in the implementation of public policies that affect crops and producers.

A delegation from the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture is participating in this event opened yesterday by Oscar Ortiz, Vice President of the Republic, who visited the Caribbean stand and learned of its results and projections.

Ortiz highlighted the potential and opportunities of this Central American nation that gradually opens to the world as a destination for investment and recognized the importance of each one's dreams in the greatness of the country.

'AgroExpo projects the potential of our sector and the integration of the region,' said the vice president, who toured the fair that will receive for five days public and farmers in the International Center for Fairs and Conventions (CIFCO).

This space is a platform for the agricultural and agro-industrial sector of the region to promote the commercial exchange of products and services, to insert national enterprises in the competitive Central American market.

In addition to the exhibitions, the event hosts a round of business, a congress on nutrition, workshops, keynote speeches, specialized talks and a barista championship, by Salvadorian coffee tastings.

About 200 exhibitors and delegations from Cuba, Venezuela, Italy, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and the United States are participating in this event, among others, attracted by a country with fertile soil and spectacular fruits

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