Cuban and US Nautical Authorities To Exchange Experiences

Cuban and US Nautical Authorities To Exchange Experiences
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6 April 2017
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Cuban Authorities for recreational nautical activity and directors of Cruising World Magazine exchanged insights for a growing US interest in sailing across this archipelago.

The editor-in-chief of Cruising World magazine, Mark Pillsbury and its publication specialist David Gillespie, debated with some executives of Cuban enterprises for recreational nautical activity like Marlin Marinas and Nauticas.

During this meeting, both parties had the possibility to deal with the increasing desire of US tourism boat owners (thousands upon thousands) to dock in Cuban ports and be aware of Cuba’s reality.

The meeting -with the attendance of 3,500 people from 73 nations, 46 percent from the United States (1987 yachties)- was held at Ernest Hemingway International Club in Cuba, which will be celebrating its 25 anniversary on next May 21. The Club President, Jose Miguel Diaz, held the meeting with the magazine editors, and also the fruitful debate on the possibilities for Cuban yatchmen.

Both parties agreed that USA's economic, trade and financial measures against Havana still unchangeably remain, requiring only 12 special categories approved by the US Treasury Department to visit Cuba.

Precisely, the dialogue with the US representatives concludes with a trip or Cruising World Rally, in which 60 boats were present, with 267 people from 22 states of the American union, with presence of representatives from four countries.

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