US Congressmen Interested in Agricultural Exchange with Cuba

US Congressmen Interested in Agricultural Exchange with Cuba
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9 March 2017
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US Congressmen visiting Cuba reportedly voiced their interest on knowing about the potential of the island''s agriculture with view to launching bilateral negotiations on this key sector.

On its website, the Cuban Foreign Relations Ministry informs the delegation held a working meeting at the Agriculture Ministry, a gathering seen as a further contribution to the normalization of bilateral relations.

The visiting Congressmen spoke in favor of lifting the economic blockade and maintaining mutually beneficial relations according to the laws governing international trade.

They added they are working to introduce in the US Congress bills to achieve such goals.

The two sides looked into Cuba's strategies to bring young people closer to the agriculture and the likelihood to exchange experiences and know-how on this sector, as well as promote joint research.

The legislative delegation also learnt about the agricultural projects and other business projects approved by the Cuban Government, as well as the damage the US blockade is causing the national economy.

The visiting representatives were Republican John W. Bergman and Tom Emmer, both from Michigan; Jason Lewis (Minnesota); Roger Marshall (Kansas), and James Comer (Kentucky). Four Government officials also made up the delegation.

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