Why Palestine?

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Why Palestine?
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13 October 2023

World’s news headlines have focused on the blitz attacks perpetrated against Israel’s military bases by Palestine armed forces, in a sort of planned vendetta for prior crimes.

A lot of people in the world are just learning about this complex situation. However, this conflict is not new. It will turn 76 years of mutual aggressions, usually started by Israel, and the precedent is about colonization, ousting, occupation of territory, ethnic cleansing, and a long list of injustice against the Palestinian people under the watch of the whole world.

The world shall know it. For too long, the people of Palestine have suffered attacks that cannot be labeled anything other than terrorism, constant violations of their freedoms, abuse of power in every aspect. In this regard, in every international space they have denounced it and demanded justice for such violation of their sovereignty, for each bloody chapter, and they have also asked for the end to the silence of major news agencies that just ignore what it is really happening there. And they only react when Palestinians fight back and dare.

No war is more important than another. There is no justification for war. I feel that violence is not the way. If something really harms us as human beings, it is actually our feelings of pettiness, anger, our ambition and arrogance that push governments or organizations to confront others. Some out of pure evil, others out of self-defense; however, the balance is the same: deaths, division, forced displacement, destruction, irreversible damage in every sense, and an indelible mark of everlasting suffering.

This extremely complex dispute cannot be seen from a single perspective, much less from the view of the most powerful. But this biased mankind always is always keen to choosing sides.

Let’s not ignore that the hand of the leading world power is behind the scene. Coincidence? How can we ignore such an implication? How can we ignore it and believe that this unconditional support, especially in weapons, is simple generosity because they are good people? Israel has a powerful, fearsome godfather, who does not hesitate when political and economic interests are involved.

Unfortunately, the civilian population is the most affected because bombs cannot discern. There are the images from both sides, and they are horrible: children, women, the elderly, people of all ages dead or scared, cities about to disappear, and a people that only wants to live and cannot find a way to escape from such a disgraceful event. What could be the solution to this historical issue if they cannot reach an agreement, or even talk?

Israel has already a very powerful ally. Which nations are standing for Palestine after they urge for support in the international arena and the genocide continues in their land? The operation Al-Aqsa Flood should not have happened. I wish it all ended just right now, but it is not possible. They should not have experienced the prior events that led to this situation. Palestine needs that same strength that condemns the way they have defended themselves every time they are under attack.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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