United States: Where the Truth Can’t Be Told

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United States: Where the Truth Can’t Be Told
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26 December 2023

The famous American singer and actor Frank Sinatra said it seven decades ago to his McCarthy persecutors, in addition to telling them that they should worry about finding employment for millions of Americans, because in the Soviet Union (which he had just visited) everyone had a job.

Sinatra was never a communist, nor is the Cuban entertainer living in the United States who was fired a year and a half ago from the Miami radio station La Poderosa, because on her program she defended the version of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, about why he had to start the special military operation in Ukraine. “In this country you cannot tell the truth,” she stressed.

This has been known for a long time, which has now become even worse with the reprisals of the sons of Zionism to those who dare to condemn Israel's genocide against the Palestinian people, today focused on the Gaza Strip.

Genocide in which the United States is primarily responsible, for obstructing attempts to put an end to it and ordering its confessed president, who is addicted to Zionism, to maintain the aircraft carriers that protect Israel, to which it continues to supply the weapons necessary for the collective crime.

While the falsely objective The New York Times alluded to the fact that the Israeli-Palestinian problem had to be seen from a psychological point of view (…) - as if there were not thousands of victims due to Zionist fixation -, it was responsible for firing two award-winning journalists, Jazmine Hughes and Jamie Lauren Kelles, for signing an open letter condemning Israel's siege of Gaza.

Managing editor Jake Silverstein said the letter violated the newspaper's policy on social struggles, but both journalists point out that the media they worked for monitors pro-Palestinian activism is part of a double standard that shows implied support to Israel.

Hughes, an African-American who has worked with The Times since 2015 as an editor and writer for the magazine, won the American Society of Magazine Editors' Next Award in 2020 for journalists under 30, and in 2023 she was awarded a National Magazine Award for profile writing, for articles on Viola Davis and Whoopi Goldberg.


The fear of standing in favor of the Palestinian cause or raising one's voice against the war crimes being committed in Gaza permeates intellectual life on almost all campuses in that country.

The unprecedented closure of the public sphere in North American universities is awkward, because it deliberately confuses victims and victimizers, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, or justice and revenge.

For Luis Martín Cabrera, from the Spanish media El Salto, the fear of standing in favor of the Palestinian cause or raising one's voice against the war crimes that are being committed in Gaza, permeates intellectual life on almost all campuses in this country. Not even after the September 11 attacks was there such a sharp closure of the public sphere.

“People are afraid,” he emphasizes, “because they have seen how the photos and names of the members of the student organization Justice in Palestine at Harvard or Yale appear on large posters including their personal information on propaganda trucks on the streets surrounding the campus, or how some Wall Street executives promise to never hire those students related to the organization.

“The whole world has also seen how the University of Columbia outlawed the aforementioned organization Justice in Palestine and a Jewish organization, Jewish Voices for Peace, which protest against the indiscriminate bombings of civilians in Gaza.

“As I write these lines, I asked myself if I am going to have problems for doing it, and the mere fact that crosses my mind is already a symptom of the discipline and control that is being tried to impose on us.”


The Zionist propaganda machine is not new on American university campuses, and has been oiled and prepared for a situation like the one we’re experiencing now for decades. There’s, for example, an organization – Cannary Mission – that has been dedicated for years to denouncing teachers and students who have shown their support for the Palestinian people.

On their website you can see files—because they are police files—with the photos and activities of these people. The difference is that now the State of Israel and Zionists who unconditionally support it are mobilizing all their power and all their money to finance an authentic McCarthyism of a new Zionist style.

Every week there are paid advertisements in The New York Times from Israeli or pro-Israel organizations thanking, for example, the executives of large North American companies (Wall Mart, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) for their unconditional support for the State of Israel.

There are many Wall Street executives or philanthropists and advisors from the most important universities in the country who have threatened to suspend their generous contributions to the funds of these universities, if the university does not show strong signs of support for the spearhead of the United States in the Middle East.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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