Trump and the Bay of Pigs losers

Trump and the Bay of Pigs losers
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22 September 2020

Just over one week ago, The Atlantic assured that, in 2018, Trump rejected the idea of visiting a cemetery in France where American soldiers who fought in WWI were buried. The excuse was the persistent rain that would mess up his hair; not to mention he did not believe honoring those fallen in combat was necessary.

According to the information, Trump — in a private conversation with some of his closest aides on the need to visit the French graveyard — stated: “Why should I go to the cemetery? It is full of losers,” according to The Atlantic.

As expected, the president categorically denied such statement: “These are fake news made up by repugnant, jealous losers in an embarrassing attempt to affect the 2020 elections!”

Few days later, El Nuevo Herald made public that the president had been granted the badge of the Brigade 2506 — or whatever is left of such “institution” — in Miami.

In a ceremony held yesterday at the Brigade 2506 Bay of Pigs Museum, located in Little Havana, Miami, it was issued the letter where former mercenaries defeated in the Bay of Pigs combat endorsed the president as they did in 2016.

Like good and true losers, the members of the Brigade 2506 endorse the current president based on the ridiculous lie with which they want to win the votes of Cuban-born and Venezuelan-born citizens in Florida.

In their view and as individuals “who have lived under communism,” they reject “the far-left, terrorist tactics and efforts to transform this country, our adoptive nation, into a socialist state” and highlighted that they know under Trump’s administration, “the restoration of law and order” is guaranteed.

The lie of Democrats turning the United States into a socialist nation if they do come to power, is so unthinkable that it seems to be born out the wicked mind of Roy Cohn — lawyer who served as former Donald Trump’s mentor and right hand of McCarthy.  

The fabrication of the Brigade 2506 cannot get more unbelievable if we take into consideration that the Cuban Revolution declared its socialist nature actually on the threshold of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Therefore, if the members of such brigade of “cookers” really lived under socialism, it only lasted 72 hours, the time Cuban militia men spent to sweep all of them plus the time elapsed until they were traded by fruit compote.

Unlike American soldiers fallen in WWI — true heroes of that nation —, those who Trump — the biggest liar ever — believes it is not worthy messing up his hair, he actually does not care to ally himself with the losers of Bay of Pigs.

The reason is quite simple: survivors of the Brigade 2506, despite their arteriosclerosis, they are still alive and can vote for him.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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