Lackey Lacalle: Traitor on duty

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Lackey Lacalle: Traitor on duty
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20 September 2021

So desperate because Cuba is not alone — as proven in the visit of Cuba’s President Diaz-Canel to Mexico — despite the never-ending campaign of lies and because he defended the Ministry of Colonies (OAS, Organization of American States), during the recently concluded CELAC Summit held in Mexico, the empire resorted to the oldest of its strategies: that of dividing and conquering.

This time, the President of Uruguay Luis Lacalle Pou used his speech to follow the U.S. guidelines and criticized the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua while defending the OAS instead of calling for the Latin American unity despite its own diversity — one of CELAC’s main goals — and thus, he played the shameful role of Malinche.

Lacalle’s divise goal was first countered by the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, who challenged the Uruguayan to discuss the issue of democracy anywhere and at any time, and by the reply of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

The Cuban Head of State reminded the lackey on duty the unforgivable oversight of not mentioning, when talking about democracy, the violation of human rights Cuba has endured due to the more than 60 years of blockade imposed by the U.S. governments on Cuba and invited him to hearing the voice of his own people, victim of the nefarious effects of neoliberalism.

Regarding Lacalle’s sly defense to OAS, the Cuban President reminded his Uruguayan counterpart that such organization has been servant to the U.S. not only in the isolation of Cuba, but it has also supported military interventions, dictatorships, even in his home country, where in the Plan Cóndor years, crimes and disappearance abounded to hold back the resistance in Latin American people.

“He knows that the OAS keeps silent before tortures and assassinations. And it is not Cuba where these events occur. And this agency has supported and promoted the coup attempt in Bolivia. And that is what the President of Uruguay tried to defend here,” the Cuban President said.

In a rejoinder and leaving all traces of his lackey mission, Lacalle just limited to repeat in his defense one verse of a song, which was labeled as a “construction” by the Cuban President afterwards.

That song, by the way, was written in the land of “freedom” in Miami by a group of Cuban artists after being submitted to the most shameful and vulgar blackmail and oddly, was used as a war anthem during the “peaceful” protests — financed and organized from the U.S. — of last July 11th.

The true “songwriters” of the song, which ironically seeks a bloodshed among Cubans on behalf of “Life,” are those who, as López Obrador said in his speech at the Zocalo of Mexico City with regard to the celebration of the Independence Day of his country, use “the blockade to avoid the wellbeing of the people in Cuba so that same people, compelled by its necessity, confront its own government.”

Even the OAS, which Lacalle defends in a very servile way, left its mark in such propaganda monstrosity. Its General Secretary Luis Almagro, another puppet of the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami, not only met some of the allegedly leaders of the protests some years ago but he has actively participated in the most recent media campaign against Cuba, whose sole goal is to pave the way for a military intervention in the island amid a pandemic.

As Díaz-Canel said, “President Lacalle’s mention of Cuba shows his ignorance of reality,” or that his traitor nature just comes naturally.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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