Transfermóvil App Reaches Two Million Users

Transfermóvil App Reaches Two Million Users
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27 April 2021

Transfermóvil, Cuban app for virtual commercial operations, reached two million users, a condition that ratifies it as an example of the computerization of Cuban society.

"We have reached two million users in Transfermóvil, a Cuban app for e-commerce, after six years of intense work to bring its services closer to the people," Tania Velázquez, executive president of the Cuban Telecommunications Company, reported on Twitter this Monday ( ETECSA).

Transfermóvil has a sustained growth, with the most recent version of the app, v 1.210106, where customers of the Banco Metropolitano Mobile Banking service have access to new features that allow them, without going to bank branch offices, manage savings accounts and fixed-term deposits.

In addition, savings accounts can be converted from Cuban convertible pesos to Cuban pesos; open fixed-term deposits and also close them, once the holder decides.

The update download can be found at the official website of ETECSA (, the Cuban Center for Android Applications ( or from the apk itself, activating mobile data, in the Configuration section.

Electronic commerce is a fundamental part of the country's socioeconomic development policies, in addition, it attained special significance since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to its contribution to physical distancing.

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