Title 42 No Solution

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Title 42 No Solution
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25 May 2023

For a few days now, a piece of news has raised various criteria is the militarization of the border between the United States and Mexico with thousands of troops in the North American side to aspire to stop the migratory flow to the neighboring country, a coveted destination for many.

However, it’s striking that this is happening just now, when U.S. authorities are taking action to try to control the entry of migrants into their country, when for so long the crossings through that region occurred almost normally, when everyone was turning a blind eye. with mechanisms, some of dubious legality, that facilitated it or, on the contrary, took advantage of people who had an interest in reaching wonderlands, often at the cost of their own lives.

The media have told how entire families left their homes to head towards the United States, with several arguments as people are diverse, but assuming that they deserved to live in that country. On many occasions some were left on the road, fortunately others arrived to fulfill their American dream. But that flow was unsustainable, it could not last forever. That’s why it’s so logical that now they attempt to increase control over the entry of people through this irregular route, let’s just wait and se how long this streak lasts, since it’s not the first time it has happened that they intend to stop it.

A true real fact is that since the date on which the famous Title 42 would expire for Title 8 to come into effect again was announced, many people rushed their transit to cross the long-awaited goal before May 11. It was very soon, which is why it was guessed that the mob would reach exponential figures and alarmed the US authorities who, in fact, are already concerned about the rising number of migrants with variable status circulating in their country.

Now, it’s not enough to want to solve the predicament with thousands of soldiers stationed on the border because, furthermore, that’s not the only way to enter the country. It’s not even enough to insist on informing that the borders are not open and that therefore each individual who does not meet the requirements will be returned.

This relaxation in US laws, more marked since Title 42 was in force due to the health emergency, caused the mass exodus to worsen when it was not possible to further increase the popular obsession with that country. Therefore, with the Covid-19 pandemic, several groups of people abandoned everything in their homes, their lives and projects, to try their luck and enter what they consider their best destination; and there are the images to support this, incredible materials that recorded how too many people tackled any obstacle to reach the border zone.

This phenomenon is not new. Migration has existed since man existed. Each case is particular and it’s not possible to find a specific culprit or motive to assess the context. But this problem, especially personal motivation, has a considerable impact on the behavior of the United States itself, its rules, its way of acting, its campaigns that subliminally foster migration while attacking other realities and ways of living.

Of course, it can’t be denied its huge economic development that we all like, nor can it be ignored the financial, political, and social crises that drive us to seek alternatives or escape from really complex contexts for many. Despite this, the attitude of the US government seems to me one of double standards, opportunism, and even despair.

For some time now, the facts suggested that they want to shake off the chaos generated by

over-migration, and they can't find a way. Although it’s a huge country, it’s logical that at some point it will collapse. It’s not enough that migrants are cheap labor, and that they fill a great void thanks to the willingness of newcomers to work in any role in order to survive. It’s not enough because it’s not the only thing that reaches them. Just as they receive so many professionals and people determined to improve themselves, lazy people, criminals, all kinds of people also enter, and nobody wants that scourge. It also happens that there’s no way to offer help to everyone, especially at the beginning, which is when they are most helpless, until they get all settled.

However, what can those who were already close, or who had had in their plans for a while, to turn to this chance to solve their concerns, to seek new horizons? They will probably ignore the warnings and more carefully manage to enter the United States with the faith that they will reach their destination, even if they lose their skin on the process. They won’t care about the title of the day, the wall that crazy presidents want to build, or the promises of others. Maybe they avoid point hot zones like El Paso, Brownsville and Laredo, they may try to evade the less safe paths, but they will use all their human resources to do so.

I don't think the US politicians will be able to cut this issue short. Laws, barriers or strong hands will not help. Nor is the solution to open wide.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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