Operations from the US intelligence service against Cuba’s finances disclosed

Operations from the US intelligence service against Cuba’s finances disclosed
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8 March 2024

The US intelligence community is currently carrying out a strategy to distort Cuba’s finances, as part of the economic war of that nation against the Caribbean country.

Information recently leaked shows a series of maneuvers carried out to induce inflation at the domestic market. The strategy is divided into four stages: shortage of supplies, induced inflation, boycotting supplies, and financial blockade.

Initially, the aim is to limit the inflow of foreign exchange to the country, especially the US Dollar. The restrictive measures fostered by the US blockade hinder the use of that currency by the Cuban government, which undermines the access of the Cuban people to food, medicines, and other staple goods. These actions target mainly the Cuban tourism and the medical care.

Phase II includes the use of platforms financed by the US administration, such as El Toque, to spur inflation. Its influence has a significant impact on all areas of development of society. The antecedents of this phenomenon are found in similar procedures carried out by the United States government in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Argentina (Dólar BLUE via Telegram) and Venezuela (Dólar TODAY via web).

The common denominator is the use of digital social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram, where anonymous and unknown individuals set a price for the freely convertible currency, in a closed circle, which is very difficult to access.

The main goal of the CIA's maneuvers is to manipulate product prices and ultimately subvert order in Cuba.

Phases III and IV, boycott of supplies and financial blockade, follow the pattern of harassment of entities that may establish commercial ties with Cuba. It is in the same line of economic strangulation imposed more than 60 years ago. Restrictions include persecution, blackmail and denial of licenses to potential sources of supplies, among others.

International demands, with the use of vulture funds, are also part of this undeclared attacks.

The most recent attack by the Central Intelligence Agency and associated organizations essentially pursues three purposes:

Attack the currency, not only to generate hyperinflation, but to contract production.

Alter the distribution of staple goods and take them to informal markets, sell them overpriced.

Attack the economic actions of the Cuban government.

The methods are perfected, the actors change, but the hostile intentions of the United States government against Cuba persist. Let us not be fooled by the apparent lack of interest in Cuba’s reality, by not publicly placing it among the administration's priorities in terms of foreign policy. The amounts allocated to subversion and the promotion of violent acts speak of permanent aggressiveness. The maxim of the Commander in Chief persists, like a prophecy.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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