The MAS Won in Bolivia: Luis Arce, President

The MAS Won in Bolivia: Luis Arce, President
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20 October 2020

The Bolivian coup plotters, backed by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, received in the elections this Sunday a crushing defeat at the hands of the Bolivian people, who, defying a campaign of fear, mainly in the eastern zone, gave a broad victory to the presidential candidate of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), Luis Arce.

The uncertainty spread by the right, which delayed the voting data, was revealed by the broad and unquestionable victory in the first round of the elections, with 52.4% of the votes, after 95% of the polling stations were scrutinized, well ahead of the 31.5% of Carlos Mesa, and 14.1% of the ultra-reactionary Fernando Camacho.

At 12:30 this morning, Arce, surrounded by leaders of social organizations, said that the Bolivian people have returned to the path of democracy, which will now govern for all Bolivians, recover the economy and ease the situation of families affected by the epidemic. "For the people, what belongs to the people," he said, raising his arms, together with the vice president-elect, David Choquehuanca.

Later, he said that bad consequences derived from the coup d'état must be eliminated, a fact that is a product of the conspiracy of the oligarchy and the North American imperialism.

Over an eleven-month period the de facto government, Bolivia not only had a roll back on its economy, but also decreased by more than 11%, there are overt acts of corruption, 37 deaths in two massacres and more than 8,000 deaths due to the poorly attended pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Now it was indicated that the MAS transition to power will be moved up, and won’t take place in December, as previously announced.

Let’s remember that after the coup, under the protection of the army and the police, the de facto president, Jeanine Aiñez -extremely unpopular- obeying the oligarchy and the Empire began to reverse the advances of the overthrown government of President Evo Morales, exiled in Argentina, who, in addition to winning elections after elections, saved the dignity of one of the poorest nations on the continent and gave the place it deserved to the majority and always suffering indigenous population.

Despite all the repression, persecution and isolation of political leaders, Morales's party continued to lead all the polls, recognized by its opponents.

By resigning her candidacy, President Aiñez called to do everything necessary to prevent the victory of the Movement for Socialism and even cynically warned against the methods of the progressive forces to achieve their objective, when, in reality, the right was the only one that made false movements to avoid popular victory.

Before the increasingly intensive epidemic of COVID-19 occurred, the de facto regime was already sinking the Bolivian economy, making movements to deliver public resources to the private sector, increasing unemployment to almost 20% which was less than 4%, with a growth of more than 5% in the last five highs, one of the largest in Latin America.

It had already abandoned the condition of being one of the poorest countries on the continent, with advances in sectors that previously were a dream to achieve, beginning to explore lithium production, something very desired by the transnationals that helped to depose Evo.

Four months after the COVID-19 epidemic was detected, the coup regime authorized the purchase of supplies to fight the pandemic, when the people infected and dead were in the thousands, which served as a pretext to extend the date of elections.

And it was all not to relief the battered population, but because the president and some of its ministers were affected by the disease.

Trying to prevent a government with the majority indigenous population from returning to power is not only a purely racist interest, but also of those international forces of egotism that received the Bolivian lesson of how energy security and the challenges and opportunities of hydrocarbons, just to mention this graphic example, they can be made available for the welfare of the people.

Now Bolivia has returned to the path of democracy, and will be able to eliminate every leftover of the coup plotters, whose puppet head recognized the victory of Arce and the MAS.

A new legislative body was also elected in Sunday's elections, and the official results in general will be released no later than Wednesday.


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