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Homework on request
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3 July 2022

I thought it was a joke. Then, I realized it was not. I found a post in a social network that reads: “I do homework, seminars, coursework, and thesis on request. Direct request. Adjustable prices.”

Some people, with a certain degree of knowledge, could offer such a service (and perhaps it has always been offered) but offering this service publicly shows hints of fraud. And if we take into consideration the comments below, it is something natural to some parents and students that someone may do their homework, instead of showing individual progress in the learning process.

There is an obvious misplacement of values. And a lack of ethics.

If a student can entrust to another person his or her homework, he or she will not have the need to study. Therefore, it will result in a cheat promotion. Nothing to take advantage of. Very few practical skills at the end of a school cycle.

Not to mention when the assignment is a dissertation or a thesis, the ethical conflict is even greater, since the "client" is opting for a degree, a specialty, a professional endorsement for which he or she cannot answer.

Academic fraud has always existed, with lesser or greater implications, but there were no signs of permissiveness before. Now there are people who are not ashamed of committing fraud.

There are proofs that, in some way, pave the way for fraud. When parents do their children's homework (it's easier to do it than to explain it) they are setting a precedent.

When students (of any level) copy and paste a reflection taken from the Internet into their class work, without accrediting sources and trying to embrace it as his or her own, that is plagiarism... even if the teacher looks the other way.

Going from there to requesting for a complete thesis, is not a major problem…thanks, in part, to the lack of rigor of those who evaluate.

The democratization of technologies has implied an extraordinary range of possibilities... but it has also been fertile ground for the simplification of educational processes. The relaxation of many teachers has led to the relaxation of their students. The permissiveness of parents affects comprehensive training.

And all this seems an obvious truth, but many people do not spend one minute to think about the consequences.

It is very easy to criticize the professional who does not get the job done properly; it is easy to criticize the educational system and study programs for the shortcomings of graduates... but in the end, we are all responsible.

And it all starts when we do our children’s homework at home (sometimes it is evident that the child did not have the skill to do it that way), and the teacher ignores that fact, even if he realizes the fraud.

This is the first link of an ignominious chain. Someone offering the service of doing homework is just the tip of the iceberg.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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