On Donald Trump’s 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

On Donald Trump’s 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination
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14 September 2020

The author of this note would and will sign any proposal to award the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban Medical Brigade “Henry Reeve”. He did it with great pleasure as he would see justice done. Not to mention it was, at least, another way to bother those who feel they own the world and manipulate at ease this Nobel Prize, as they do with so many other things.

But, in addition to signing the proposal, he also expressed strong reservations. He insisted on the fact that the Nobel Prize for Peace will be honored with the Cuban Medical Brigade award, not the other way around. Cuban doctors already have the most important of all awards, the recognition of their people, and generally, of all honest citizens worldwide who have witnessed how they have been saving lives risking their own.

Not long ago the award was granted to the newly elected US President Barack Obama. It was a letter of marque to whom will provoke or extend several wars —exceeding by a wide margin the actual US President Donald Trump — as he exceeded Trump in the number of deported immigrants; above all, Obama was more hypocritical. While seducing Cuba, Obama plotted against the Bolivarian Revolution with criminal maneuvers that were inherited by his shameless, vulgar, and disgusting successor.

Recently, Obama posed in a family photo with George W. Bush, his predecessor. Many believed he will stand for a change: and he actually did, especially in finding other tactics to achieve the same goals. They are all wolves from the same pack who represent the Empire although they are somehow different. Now loutish Donald, “Republican,” and Joseph Biden “Democrat,” do not fight like “boxers, but like snakes.” Something that confirms José Martí’s judgement and foresight.

It might not be granted — which cannot be ruled out at all —, but this Nobel nomination may fuel Trump’s twisted hunger for power. Those who think he is just a loudmouth, a liar who loves violating the law with gangster-like behavior with several crimes on his shoulders, may not be reelected, they might be wrong as they overlook something paramount: these are basic virtues of top leaders in the Empire, especially one in steep decline.

That is why he may spend some other years in the White House until another snake takes office. Yes, another snake, because doves cannot rule in such a turbulent system.

Havana, September 10th, 2020.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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