Destroying Ukraine

Destroying Ukraine
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2 April 2023

The Vietnam Airlines plane where he was traveling had to divert from its route to Calcutta, and land at Dubai airport, forced by the incursion of American bombers that supported thousands of marines in the invasion of southern Iraq in 1991.

Overture to the unprovoked aggression against the Arab country in 2003, it left among many other misfortunes the sad legacy of hundreds of kilometers and thousands of people, including U.S. soldiers, affected by the depleted uranium of the weapons used by the United States as a test, and subsequent death of cancer victims.

This has not been an obstacle so that now the British prime minister of Indian origin, an anti-Gandhi, in order to be humbler to the United States, has led the most recent crusade to send arms to Ukraine with the inclusion of DU projectiles, trying to make believe that it’s not the cause of the harms attributed to it, without taking into account the huge damage it would cause to civilian population, livestock, and agriculture of Ukraine.

Voices from even their own allies and United Nations officials called to prevent the shipment of these weapons to Kiev, inadvertently agreeing with the Russian government's statement that what the West seeks is the destruction of Ukraine.


Natural uranium is made up of isotopes, mainly U-238 with a small proportion of U-235, which is extremely radioactive and naturally fissile. In the enrichment process for the creation of nuclear fuel or nuclear bombs, a large amount of depleted U-238 (i.e. with much less U-235) is produced as a by-product. Depleted uranium contains only about 0.3% U-235, so weapons with this content are not prohibited.

Depleted uranium is used in projectiles and bombs because it’s already an extremely dense metal, 1.7 times denser than lead, which allows it to be used when a large mass is required in a small volume. Thus, shells with this substance can easily penetrate tanks and armored vehicles.

According to the information provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the main potential threat associated with weapons of this type is the inhalation of aerosols generated when the ammunition hits an armored target. In this regard, the highest dose of these aerosols could reach people who are near the target at the moment of impact or who could later examine it.

At the same time, the IAEA indicates that the element could affect those who visit or live in the areas where it has been used, since the sprayed material settles on the ground and people would inhale the emanating depleted uranium particles. Another potential route of exposure is ingestion: farmers working in an area where such munitions have been fired might inadvertently ingest small amounts of soil, while children might do so on purpose. Additionally, long-term exposure includes consumption of depleted uranium in drinking water and the food chain by migration from soil or direct deposition on vegetation.

It’s reported that large amounts of depleted uranium munitions fired from aircraft do not hit their intended target, leaving most of them buried at various depths and in buildings. Some of them could be lying on the ground near the target, exposing people who find them to external radiation emitted by the depleted uranium.


The British pronouncement of the shipment of this type of ammunition to Kiev was made after the Chinese proposal for peace regarding the conflict, after which the U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, described the Beijing initiative as a hoax, still it was being favorably received by some nations.

This decision to escalate the conflict is linked to the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow, in which the Asian leader showed his overwhelming support for his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, but also to the fact that Ukraine is losing in the battlefield, despite the massive financial and media support of the West, which seeks to supply it with even more lethal weapons, despite the irresponsibility of such a decision.

Since Russia currently holds a better position in the Ukrainian war, obviously there’s discontent in the West, because things are not going well for them, and they are making dangerous decisions.

It’s worrying that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will use this type of weapon again in an international conflict (it was also used in Yugoslavia), but this is due to the new nuclear doctrine of the United States under the government of Joe Biden, which allows the use of this type of weapon in combat to achieve specific objectives.

Undoubtedly, its use by NATO sends the same signal that nuclear weapons can be used, tactical or not, which brings the world closer to a nuclear disaster, and this time, without stopping lies, starting first with the destruction of Ukraine.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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