China-US: bridging their difference is a must

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China-US: bridging their difference is a must
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2 April 2021

High-level delegations from China and the US met in the American state of Alaska. And I believe the best outcome was the agreement on mutual cooperation to avoid the deterioration of the climate change, especially when both are the world’s major polluters.

Anyway, it is a good sign the two nations addressed and agreed upon the emission control as both may discuss on that issue and reach substantial agreements.

The course of the event was characterized by the US mistrust and efforts to blame China for the world’s major problems, which —as we know— have their own point of origin in the US.

Perhaps we can say that the current administration is trying to move away from the former, but Biden’s stance itself, six years ago, was totally different from today's, even though he saw China as an adversary that time:

“Our relationship is like a married couple. It requires a lot of efforts…The US is not afraid of China’s growth. We really want to see China continue to grow…The bilateral relation should be based on a responsible growth, which is something that will bless world’s trade and stability.”

Actually, China has grown notably, has successfully fought Covid-19, and has eradicated general poverty. That is to say, China has exceeded expectations. And none of this has made the US greater. On the contrary, the US stopped growing, neglected the handling of the pandemic and has 40+ million people going hungry.

Hence, without saying it out loud, the US delegation hinted they will do nothing to lessen the tensions associated to commercial and tariff issues, leaving up in the air if they will continue or not the economic war started by Trump.

He accused Beijing, without evidence, of causing troubles related to cyberspace, and said that in previous meetings, China agreed on one thing to later doing the opposite. Although he suggested the alliance with China is vital to solve the world’s problems.

However, Washington dodged that fact that its army, military bases and allied nations following their commands are trying to besiege China.

In this regard, a colleague from Habana Radio made reference to the Anti-China front orchestrated by the American imperialism:

“Taking advantages of the trade disagreement between China and Australia, border issues with India, and the unstinting support of its Asian ally: Japan, the US has just created an Anti-China front aimed at containing the Asian giant, which would actually lead to a Cold War.”

Therefore, what kind of peace could emerge before such threat? China replied they would not cede, although they insisted on the importance both nations bridge their difference.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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