Biden, like the Outstanding Warrior

Biden, like the Outstanding Warrior
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14 May 2024

Given the polls that give Donald Trump a close win over Joe Biden in the presidential elections next November in the United States, the controllers of the establishment and the so-called Deep State - which is "above the divine" - have until now held on to the re-election of the current North American president, regardless of age and physical and mental deterioration.

Biden has given no indication that he intends to step aside, and no one is asking him to.

In the modern era, a national party has never tried to replace its candidate in such a drastic way, because it knows that it would probably fail, which is why it prefers to strap him to the horse's saddle, like the Cid Campeador (The Outstanding Warrior), so that he can endure another four years, always considering that anything will be better than Trump.

All of this, of course, is a symptom of the decline of the United States, and this is demonstrated by having and maintaining as president a person with clear public symptoms of dementia.

Seen from a distance, it seems quite evident that the Democrats would have a better chance of defeating Trump with a candidate other than Biden, but the president won all the primaries and with more than 3,000 delegates in his favor, he was the one chosen to try to win the re-election. Furthermore, no prominent Democrats have called for him to step aside and there are no known serious reservations about it.

He has been a figure in Washington for over 50 years, as a senator from Delaware, vice president and now president. But if he is re-elected for a second term, he would be 82 years old in January 2025 and 86 at the end.

That's why Biden has become a source of concern for many voters, including some who are inclined to back him over former President Donald Trump. Concerns were amplified after special counsel Robert Hur released his report into the investigation into Biden's handling of classified documents, where no charges were recommended but the President's acuity and memory were questioned.

Through it all, Biden has defended his re-election bid, arguing that his age is an advantage, refuting the special counsel's report and articulating why he should be re-elected, pointing to accomplishments like the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Reduction of Inflation, and highlighting the low national unemployment numbers.

Also impacting in his favor is that he has further swelled the coffers of the arms industry - the best that works in the country - and, as a Zionist, he has ignored the protests against Israel's genocide in the Gaza Strip, therefore which has the full support of the dominant Jewish banks.

What does this all mean? Biden is unlikely to drop out of the race, especially after his victory in the Democratic primary and his commitment to a likely rematch with Trump.


But rumors about whether he will withdraw from the race continues to circulate.

In the event that Biden somehow withdraws, a new candidate would have to be selected at the August Democratic convention in Chicago.

Not easy, because practically the main Democratic governors or senators have ruled out the idea of ​​replacing the president on the ballot papers this year.

But who could replace Biden's candidacy if he dropped out of the race? Let's see:

1.-Kamala Harris, current vice president, for many reasons, would be Biden's natural successor to replace his candidacy. As vice president, she has worked closely with him on everything from voting rights to foreign policy. She was previously the district attorney of San Francisco, attorney general of California and senator from California, being a historical figure in her own right as she was the first black, Indian-American and female vice president. And she has become the face of the administration's challenge to the series of abortion restrictions crafted by the Republican Party.

2.- Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and current governor of California, leads the largest state in the country and in recent years has become one of Biden's main Democratic defenders. California is often used as a counterpart by national Republicans to contrast with the conservative policies of states such as Florida and Texas. But Newsom has been emphatic not only in promoting the Golden State, but also in highlighting Democratic policy stances and legislative victories. He is also not afraid to take his arguments directly to the Republican Party.

3.- Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan for two terms. She has won many political battles. Democrats, in recent years, have performed well in the state, holding top offices and flipping control of the state legislature in the 2022 midterm elections. When she ran for re-election against Republican Tudor Dixon, she won by almost 11 points, a statement of her broad support among the electorate in a state where the margins are usually narrow.

4. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has served in the Senate since 2007, ran for president in 2020, and had a surprisingly strong finish in the New Hampshire primary, even beating Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at that moment. But her campaign was unable to gain the necessary momentum in the South Carolina primary for her to continue her candidacy, and she dropped out of the race.

5.- Cory Booker, senator from New Jersey, also ran for president in 2020, ending his campaign in January of that year. In a scenario where Democrats would have to replace Biden's candidacy, he is likely to be part of the conversation.

6.- Roy Cooper, governor of North Carolina. The former state legislator, former North Carolina attorney general and current two-term governor rose through the ranks of government and along the way navigated political divides that would plague most politicians. In a Republican-leaning state where Democratic candidates have to compete on challenging terrain, Cooper, a moderate, has come out ahead.

7.- Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland, is an Army veteran who was first elected in 2022. He has focused heavily on addressing issues such as child poverty and housing affordability, two of the challenges of difficult public policy for leaders at both the state and federal levels.


Just as the arrival of a black president did not solve any problem of his race, nor would the presidency of a woman help women in any way, perhaps give them hope, because everything is difficult in a society as unfair and unequal as the North American one.

In any case, a survey revealed that 46% of the Democrats interviewed would opt for Michelle Obama to replace Joe Biden, and ensure the defeat of Donald Trump.

According to the German news portal Der Spiegel, for months there have been rumors that Joe Biden "will make a grand gesture by announcing his resignation (as a candidate) in order to propose Michelle Obama in his place."

Far from what the citizens may want, a great wall is found in the wishes of the lawyer and writer as well, since Michelle Obama has not shown interest in running for the presidential office, while in the past she expressed her desire to stay away from politics.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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